My name is Asi Ze’evi. I’m an Israeli living in Brooklyn.

Photography has been both my calling and profession eversince I was a kid with a passion for visual storytelling. My eye gravitatestoward the spirit of things, the emotional subtext, the clean perfection foundin a moment of truth.  

I’m anatural-light junky and precision addict, and for the last decade I have beengetting a regular fix for both in Costa Rica, which has been serving as my maincanvas.

I have been fortunate to wear many hats throughout mylife and have a multidimensional experience of bringing vision into reality. Iknow it takes a lot for art, strategy and finances to come together in harmony.

Surroundedby inspiring people, I have co-created personal projects ranging from businessventures to art installations, from the concrete jungle of New York City to thedesert wonderland of Black Rock City. 




Brooklyn NY

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